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Wednesday, August 31, 2016
5:01 PM

testing 123

while i live, i learn.

Friday, December 28, 2007
2:57 PM


WenPu the Advocate

while i live, i learn.

Thursday, December 27, 2007
11:11 PM

Ahaha! Past 11pm. And im not done uploading all the pics. Heeh.

Anyway, i wanna thank all who came. THANKS FOR COMING YEA!! Hope you guys had fun. I know things didn turn out that well. But i tried to keep everyone happy and make everyone go for dinner. I failed though.

Cycling was fun. A ride with sufi was life risking. Haha! He made my throat sore.. But it was fun pushing ppl. :) And wayne was roller blading alone. The tail-gater!

It was really unexpectable. That dinner was at a hawker centre. My hair smelled of hawker centre food jnow. Ewww. Haha.

Ahh.. Ive not much to say. Guess im so tired. I tink im supposed to like upload ALL the pics here. Well okay. I shall start now. Haha. Theres so many.

cycle cycle cycle

two lovebirds

wayne left behind.

so he tail gates

dunno where's this place.

yani's happy. cos she's not the shortest. Haha!

i oso dunno where's this place

kenneth act cute. lol.

i dun rmb having gays in class


nice sexy ass!

the girl who refuse to be infront

wayne's leading. WOW.

smile! :)

an evidence that we travelled far

finally he smiled for the cam. but abit blur. :(

roller blading on the road. tsk tsk.

i tink this is nice

at bedok jetty!

hit tt bull's eye! haha.

hariz hair. lol.

nice pose! Hahaha!

its an aeroplane!!

four jungle apes

sexist shot

is it supposed to be according to height? hm.

smile people. :)

and we still love this pose.

a candid shot.

she who joined a lil' late.

they skated while we bowl

at the bowling place

what do you think he look like?

jimah n faris

i tikn we look like draculas

hazimah and her pimps

nice teeth!

Lemon is sweeeet! haha.

Okay. Actually i didn put all the pics up. Myra cheated. But most are there oredi la. Haha. Can visit here for all. :) Yeah. thats all i gotta say. Hope to see all of you soon! LOVES!

♥ the myra

while i live, i learn.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007
9:19 AM

So sad yet so beautiful.
Mi corazón, le echo de menos así

WenPu the Advocate

while i live, i learn.

Monday, December 24, 2007
3:53 PM

Fine. Not many people going. How sad. Its the last class outing that we are going to have. But nvm. I can still date some ppl or call out some for mini group outings. Heeh.

So anw, since some people rejected the idea to bring their boyfriends/girlfriends along to make the number bigger, we'll stick to this teeny weeny group of 12. Hoho! Merry Christmas!
LOL! I guess it'll be nice too although i was expecting a bigger group. U noe, now we'll haf a much much cosier outing. Aww.. Sweetness.

Eh, rmb the first class outing? There were only seven! But it was really fun and tts when we got stuck to the ugly ugly ugly game at Settlers. Haha.

Anw, here's the plan.
Meet up at 11am at Jurong east MRT station.
We'll go for blading/cycling/bowling. (insert lunch somewhere)
Then we'll head to Sakura at Clementi for our buffet dinner.

Dinner should be ard $25 the most. Lunch, its up to you luhh. Renting roller blades, i tink ard $10 for an hour but then you'll get another hour free. So tt equals to $5/hr. For bikes, i aint so sure but if u get the double ones (theres a name for it but i forgot), it wud be much cheaper. And then, bowling at ECP wud be much cheaper too. So i guess, pls bring atleats 50 bucks in total. But if u're not coming for dinner, $25 wud be enuff? Hmm..

And so.. People! Lets celebrate together this thursday. Its christmas time! We'll share the moment with our loved ones. :)

♥ the myra

while i live, i learn.

Sunday, December 23, 2007
10:50 PM

Wahh.. okay. So sad.
So far, the ppl going for the outing coming thurs are:

And.. even sadder news. Some ppl listed above cant even make it for dinner. So how how? Change date? Oh no. Thats terrible. Im gonna go mourn. Boo!

Please make the list longer SOMEHOW. :(

♥ the myra

while i live, i learn.

Monday, December 17, 2007
4:18 PM

After so long.. The final decision is here.

So this is the plan for CLASS OUTING,
27 DECEMBER 2007!! :)

We'll meet up at Bedok MRT station, 9am.
Head to ECP for cycling,blading etc.
Then we can go for cheap lunch.
(define "cheap" by yourselves. haha.)
Aft lunch, we can go for bowling.. Or chill out somewhere.
(to be decided much much later.) :)
Instead of having a BBQ, we'll go for a buffet dinner together.

Ive surveyed a few places and let me list a few..
Sakura International Buffet
6pm - 9.30pm
approx $25/pax

Siam kitchen
Bugis Junction
6pm - 10pm
approx $15-25/pax

Bali Thai
Velocity@Novena Square
6pm - 10pm
approx $15-25/pax

For those who are willing to fork out more money..
The Square at Furama
Furama Riverfront Singapore
6.00pm to 10.30pm
approx $25-35/pax

Straits Kitchen
Grand Hyatt
approx. $35 - 45/pax

Royal Plaza on Scottsl
6.30pm - 10.30pm
$42++ /pax

Oh yea, we can haf lotsa lotsa camwhoring session. LOL!

So now.. help me decide where's best to haf the buffet. :)
Please tell me/sufi if you're going too! Cos reservation needs to be made.

still haf lotsa love to give
lotsa lotsa lotsa love
♥ the myra

while i live, i learn.

Sunday, December 16, 2007
9:33 PM

Greetings to all!
Happy to see that people do frequent this blog.
This is a very important post. Pls read on. :)

Metro-SIF Project 2007 for us is really soon.
18 & 19 December 2007!
Pls report to your respective venues according to your shifts.

(10am to 3pm)
Marilyn Tai
Sandy Tan
Wayne Kee
Lim Ming Long

(3pm to 8pm)
Md Hariz
Md Faris
T. Dinesh

(10am to 3pm)
Siti Nur Aryani
Nur Hazimah
Chang Lit Hien

(3pm to 8pm)
the insignificant one
Ong Meng Koon
Wong Oi Xin

(10am to 3pm)
Md Sufi
Jasmine Tay
Wendy Lim

(3pm to 8pm)
Li Yanling
Jolyn Chia
S. Ramya
Tan Li Xin

If your name is in bold, you'll be in charge for your group. So please remind your group members to report accordingly. :)

INSTRUCTIONS. only the impt ones.
Before you start
  1. Be in proper school attire (T-shirts, shorts, sandals etc not allowed)
  2. Report 15 minutes before the start of your shift
  3. Bring along ur EZlink cards for identification purpose
  4. Deposit your bags(if any) on the shelves at the security checkpoint
  5. Look for the Duty Manager to report for duty, sign-in attendance and collect your charity tag
  6. There will be a brief on rules and regulations for 1st timers
  7. 1st shift: Collect the Charity Bear, voucher booklets and flyers from DM and bring them to the donation booth. Inform DM to get security guard to bring the donation box to the booth.
  8. 2nd shift: Check if there are sufficient Charity Bear, voucher booklets and flyers. If not, replenish them from DM at the Customer Service Counter

When on duty
  1. Approach the shoppers for donation
  2. Distribute the flyers and show the shoppers the posters
  3. Inform donors that the Charity Bear retails at $9.90 and it would be wonderful to donate that amount or more. However, do not dictate the amount for it is voluntary.
  4. Remember to give them the booklet when they donate (1 per donation)
  5. When they redeem the Charity Bear, please collect the voucher (found on the 1st pahe in the booklet) Only one Charity Bear to be given per voucher.
  6. Thank them for their time even if they did not contribute. and.. SMILE!
If you are asked how the donations are used, you can use the following information:
Who are the beneficiaries?
SIF - To send skilled Sinagporean volunteers to Cambodia
PJC - To send 50 student volunteers to Cambodia for Overseas CIP

Who are the oraganizations you are raising funds for?
Centre for Child and Adolescent Mental Health (CCAMH)
Mercy Teams International (MTI)
National Paediatric Hospital (NPH)

Where does the money got to?
"Training of the Trainers" - To send Singaporean volunteers through SIF to provide skills training to the staff in these organizations, who are the care-providers for Cambodian children
To send PJC student volunteers to carry out a series of community service projects in Cambodia

U can refer to the brochure for more info. :) (im damn lazy to type everything)

At the end of shift
  1. Inform DM to get security guard to collect the donation box before you knock off
  2. Wait for the DM to arrive to return your Charity tag, sign out your attendance and collect your meal allowance before leaving the booth
Please honour your commitment!
If for any reason you cannot make it, it is your duty to find a replacement and inform ur IC about the change. :)

lotsa lotsa lotsa love!
♥ the myra

while i live, i learn.

Thursday, December 13, 2007
10:27 PM


Well, this is not really a plan B la. Cos im not quite decided. Im only concerned abt the rainy weather these days. If it rains, we cant possibly haf our class BBQ rite? But i seriously wanna do some things like cycling or blading! So i was tinking, maybe we go for a buffet and then head for cycling/blading if it doesn rain.. but if it does, then we go for a movie/pool/bowling.. Uhh, things like tt la. Agree?

Pls gimme suggestions so i can haf the final decision fast.

And for Buffet.. we can go furama hotel, sakura, seoul garden.. Which one, guys? :)


♥ the myra

while i live, i learn.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007
4:06 PM

I'm bored.

WenPu the Advocate

while i live, i learn.

Monday, December 10, 2007
11:58 PM

Alright, guys!

Ive decided that we should all settle for 27 December for the class BBQ. Im sorry if not everyone agree. But i tink its better at tt date so its not much of a rush to settle the F&B and stuff. So, ppl.. Pls inform me or sufi if u guys coming. Cos we needa confirm the number of ppl asap since we ordering all the food to make life easier for all of us on tt day. :) And, we'll try keep the budget low. So we can haf more fun with less spending! heeh.

♥ the myra

while i live, i learn.

Monday, December 3, 2007
10:17 PM

Hey all!! :)

I guess this blog has been abit dead for quite some time. So.. here's an update. Hurray hurray! LOL.

Next class outing will be to East Coast Park. There, we'll have a BBQ. Sufi will book the pit for us. Say THANKS to him! :) So, in the morning we'll meet at Jurong East MRT station at 9am. As usual, the platform near the lift. :)

BBQ's in the evening and night la. We'll go for bowling, roller balding, cycling and maybe.. swimming in the day. Can push Rishi into the water and bully him again. Why not rite? I guess he deserves it for being such an ass today. Haha!

Now.. the very funny thing is, we haven decide on the date. So please help us choose and we'll settle for the most popular choice. It can fall on the 16th, 17th or 27th December? Limited choice. But fair enuff rite? So.. please choose a date yea. I'll put up the poll thingy at the sidebar very very soon.

I will send an email very soon to all of you and also pass down a brief sms down the class relay system. Do reply yea! Cos we needa noe how much food we need and the amount of money you guys have to pay.


♥ the myra

while i live, i learn.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007
12:30 AM

Demonic barney

Hi Barney. Hi Rishi. Hi Barney. Hi Rishi... LOL.

Shockingly childish huh, guys? But its cute. Haha! enjoy the stupidly short video taken in Toys r us WITHOUT my presence.

♥ the myra

while i live, i learn.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007
4:07 PM

Hey lovelies!

I seriously dunno wad happen to the pics. If u guys still cant see them on the previous posts, click on the SENTOSA link at the sidebar under the class outing photos section. U'll get to see all the pics and save wadeva u guys want. Ive uploaded everythng on my photobucket account just for u guys. See how sweet i am. :) LOL!

♥ the myra

while i live, i learn.

1:27 AM

Hope everybody who went had fun. Kinda disappointed with some ppl who didn go wthout valid reasons like OBS or work. But nvm. Those ppl really lose out alot mann. Really really alot alot alot of fun, laughter and FOOD. Haha! Picnicked so much huh? Fun rite? With aunty sufi. Haha! (sufi, dun kill me!) K la. So who says u cant find gentlemen in PJ. Theres quite number in S15. Kenneth i must say. He came all the way to my house area to help me carry the heavy stuffs. So sweet! Sufi, k la. He carries the sandwiches i made. My assistant not so useless huh? Next yr make him the CM! LOL. We haf our motherly jolyn who brings the picnic mat and noes how to tranfer the stuffs to another spot when Rishi's beloved animals attacked us with their shit. LOL. Oh okay, ive to say i admire Jolyn. She really has great confidence. Keep it up or down, girl! Haha.

Oh so anw, im glad the egg mayo sandwiches tt i made wasn wasted at all. Heeh. I was just too lazy to cook fried rice for u guys. The sandwiches taste great anw rite? So dun complain la. I noe im a great cook. Haha! I guess we all haf to be thankful tt sufi's house wasn burnt down too cos it was his first time cooking when he prepare the fried and boiled hotdogs tt he brought for us. Not bad ah, sufi. Next time can be a househusband. U still dare say u will control ur wife in future. We'll see. Haha!

Captain's ball was fun. So was frisbee. And water polo. Okay, people. Maybe we shud haf more class outing. Christmas maybe? Gifts exchange? Pls organise, anyone. Im not the cm anymore!! Sad rite. Want give me a hug? LOL. So anw. I guess, 07S15 next yr wud be totally different. Super quiet and muggerly i tink cos there's no me. Me, myra. Myra, me. The noisy, irritating ex-CM of urs. Life wud be better for u guys i guess. Heh. But dun forget me la.

Hmm. I tot ive said wadeva i wanted to say. But no. I tink we needa give some credits to the tourists from China cos they kinda contribute some fun to our outing. Like the pics we took with them. Vijay seemed so handsome today. N rishi, u r BEAUTIFUL. No wonder u were so beautifully bullied. Heeh. K la. I can add summore words later if i feel like. I tink i'd add the pics now. WARNING! There are loads of them. Scroll down if you've lotsa time to spare to look at pretty girls and beautiful boys. heeh.

Jolyn and oixin at JE MRT platform

Yani, Sandy, Myra

Kenneth, Rishi, Vijay

While waiting for Jimah to arrive at Harbourfront

Nice table mat?

Jolyn and Oixin

Ooh. Kenneth so tall!

Wad did u win sandy?

Dun worry. We're not drunk.


Jimah looks like she's standing in between poles

Sufi n myra

We're happy. :)

Wads with tt face ken?

Play play play

Pretty babes.

Two balls and a stick. Well, tts wad they told me.

Rishi, VJ, Ken.

Group shot before ken leaves for work


Woah. Jas in action!

Scratch scratch

While we played frisbee..

They trying to spoil my cam. Haha.

Sufi ah. Laugh at ppl only.

Nice beach.

Aft frisbee. Hot and flushed. :)

See! So sweaty.

Swimming aft VJ? He's gone to Bangladesh la.

Aww. Dun cry. He'll come back.

Hariz stunned by Rishi's beauty.

Running aft sufi who's scared of water. LOL.

They just cnnt stop playing cards.

And then. My cam's batt went flat. Sad..

Alot of pics huh? But theres more. Thanx to sufi's cam phone. :)

Yani and sandy

Me and jas

san n me

green n pink

pls smile. :(

smile la!

see! I smile.

Always do. Haha!

Use tt to absorb all the oil.

Cute face. Haha!

Their head are similar in size.

Childish ppl in toys r us. Sigh..

The pony looks sad.

Oh mann. The pony shud be super strong.

The pony shud ride him instead. Haha!

Boo! Cant see the lights.

The lights at the back are so pretty!

Eh, vijay. Ur relatives on the other side. Haha!

Up the escalator!

It aint sunny, rishi.

devil and angel surrounding them.


Before the train starts moving. :)

Three musketeers and a beautiful boy.

On the sentosa express.

Too ugly to be seen? Haha.

Scary monsters.

Next bollywood star.


After dinner. :)

He went japan.

Nice hat. lol.

Jas n sufi

San, Yani, Sufi.

Happy feet. :)

In the MRT, back home. :)

All camera effects/defects are made by sufi. Haha! K then. I shud get my rest. So tired. bleah. Anw, S15 rox! :)

♥ the myra

while i live, i learn.